2013 Nassau Bahamas trip report

The weather gods favored the stalwart Scuba Shack divers this past May 22-27, 2013 with blue skies and sunshine for their annual Nassau Reunion trip, led by Scuba Shack instructor Peter Katz.  This year we were fortunate to entice a brand new diver from Dallas, Texas to join our motley crew on our above and below water adventures.

nassau-mdw-2013-16Actually, Thuy was pleasantly surprised when we were able to deliver a dive trip that was fun, adventurous, and safe – as advertised! In fact, she vows to return with us next year after completing a buoyancy course so she can “look like all y’all”.  All kidding aside, Thuy really got a chance to work on improving her diving skills while getting a chance to dive on Hollywood sets, wrecks, reefs and walls.  This year was the year of the Hammerhead.  On three consecutive days, sightings of hammerhead sharks were reported and Jeff Cinciripino was able to get a photo of one. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky few to observe them.  However, we had numerous encounters with reef sharks, a bull shark, rays, eels (including a sharptail eel, check Paul Humann’s book), lionfish and the usual colorful reef fish.

On land, we were treated quite well at our usual haunts; Capriccio’s, Café Matisse, and Luciano’s.  In fact, Tyler and Jess were crowned Junkanoo king and queen at Luciano’s complete with music and headdress. Most importantly, Tyler did ask Jess to marry him (after first obtaining Don’s (dad) blessing) and she said YES!  It was really a special moment especially since they began dating seriously while on a previous Scuba Shack Nassau trip. Perhaps they will hold the wedding underwater in Nassau?

But the highlight of the trip was the Exuma trip. With calm seas, we headed out early on Saturday morning for the two and a half hour trip to Highbourne Cay, Exuma.  This year the dive sites were well marked and easy to tie up to.  We had two spectacular dives swimming through tunnels leading out to the wall and the deep blue. The views were breath taking, including another hammerhead.  After the morning dives, we found a deserted beach and started partying.  Stuart Cove’s provided a sumptuous repast and we supplied the beer.  Taking our cue from Zac Brown’s band, we had our toes in the water, our asses in the sand, a cold beer in our hands and no worries on our minds. I have to thank our crew; Cleej, Terri, and Charlotte, as well as Chris our photographer for their tireless efforts to insure our comfort, safety, and fun.  They were a major part in the success of this trip.

Our last night together on Nassau was the annual barbeque at Orange Hill Beach Inn. Judy and her staff fed us well with an impressive array of entrees and side dishes. Immediately after dinner, we adjourned to the bar where we were joined by our dive staff from Stuart Cove’s and relived the weekend’s adventures. It was a great evening and a fitting end to a great trip where a group of people started out as strangers and left as friends.

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