2019 Boston Sea Rovers recap

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 11

We are back from a jam packed weekend at the 65th Annual Boston Sea Rovers Clinic held in Danvers, Mass. It was a fantastic way to kick off the 2019 northeast dive season. Plenty to see and do.

Monty and Scuba Shack took the lead on re-establishing the Boston Sea Rovers professional day on Friday, the day before the actual clinic. This public safety workshop featured lectures by our own Chris McCarthy, Sergeant Patrick Foley from the Massachusetts State Police, Rick Simon from Manta Industry, and Pete Nawrocky from DUI/OMS. A tender demonstration at the pool was conducted by Portland Connecticut Fire Department Lieutenant and Scuba Shack staff member Dave Lockrow.

On Friday night Monty, Matt, Donna and I had the opportunity to attend the Sea Rovers black tie intern dinner as well as the cocktail reception. We had the great fortune of having dinner with Bob Ballard and Joe Romeiro. It was a great experience and an honor to be a part of this side of the annual clinic.

On Saturday Scuba Shack ran the Discover Diving event and had 31 people experience scuba diving for the first time. Many thanks to our Scuba Shack family – Joel, Katie, Ron, Alex, Ian, Karta, Jill, and Chris along with our friends from Dive On IT, Chris and Allison. We received some really nice complements on our professionalism, smooth operation and the fun.

On Saturday night we attended the film festival with master of ceremony Brian Skerry. There are always some incredible videos presented and this year featured Bob Ballard, Sylvia Earl, Joe Romeiro and Roger Munns. After the film festival several of our team attended the post film festival party for some photo opportunities with Sylvia Earl.

Did I mention that the Boston Sea Rovers like to party!

Our booth had a great deal of activity where we unveiled our new Scuba Shack mission.

Scuba Shack’s mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, ability and experience to venture underwater in pursuit of their aspirations and to advocate for ocean health and sustainability.

We are proud of this mission and will strive every day to live up to it.

Finally, as friends of Boston Sea Rovers we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with this world-renown dive organization.

Thanks for tuning in,

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