A busy June, DIR intro sign up deadline, Alaska heating up

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 23

Welcome to June everyone. For all the Bruins fans out there, hope you are enjoying ice hockey in June. Something about that timing just seems all wrong. Feels like it should be wrapped up before Memorial Day.

Our Open Water class of four students wrapped up last weekend under the guidance of Joel and Ron and we are preparing for our Underwater Naturalist class this weekend. Monty is headed to Dutch Springs this weekend for some Advance Open Water training for one of our public safety teams and Ron and Lizzy will be starting another Open Water class on Thursday night. As of this writing we have one spot left in the July 11 class and then we are booking first week of August.

We have had a lot of interest in our DIR Introduction course at Dutch Springs and we need to ensure that we plan appropriately. If you are interested in taking the class on July 13 the deadline to sign up is June 15. Remember we will also be offering the class during our August and September trips to Dutch Springs.

In the next episode of Scuba Shack Radio, I will be doing a quick review of the Osprey dive bags that we recently brought into the shop. They are very cool. Tune in next week to Scuba Shack Radio to hear about them.

There is a short article in Hakai Magazine from May 29 that talks about how Alaska has had an unusually warm winter. You can read about just how dramatically above normal temperatures were. It is causing a lot of problems up there from accidents on thin ice, loss of ice roads, and impacts to fishing. The open water puts more moisture into the storms and increases erosion. This news out of Alaska is one more indication that we are heating up the planet and our time to do something about it is growing shorter.

The Scuba Shack (i.e. Monty’s) trailer is getting finished up in time for the trip to Dutch Springs this weekend. Check out next week to see how it went.

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