A New England Mermaid and our Divemaster class

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 4, Number 5

Oh wow! Last weekend was pretty frigid around these parts and how about the nor’easter! Lot’s of plowing, snow blowing and shoveling. How’s everyone’s back doing?

Did you know that Scuba Shack has a mermaid on staff. Well, actually a New England Mermaid. Check out Deb Dauphanais new website – New England Mermaid. Great job Deb. Looking forward to more great stuff.

We are exactly one month away from starting our 2021 PADI Divemaster program. If you are a Rescue Diver and ready to become a leader in the scuba diving world, then this is the course for you. Our intense 13 week program takes you through all the knowledge, experience and practical application to become a PADI Pro. If you are interested, please give us a call to set up a time to come in for a more detailed discussion.

I thought I’d check in on the National Marine Life Sanctuary in Buzzard Bay to see what is going on there. I did a segment of the NMLC on Scuba Shack Radio last year. Their mission is to rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals and sea turtles. In their latest blog post they describe how this year there has been a record breaking number of sea turtle strandings. You can find out why by checking out the blog.

By the way did you know that Turtles Fly Too?

Let’s hope the groundhog was wrong this year.

Stay tuned for more,

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