Adventuring to Litchfield County, The Odyssey, and Goodbye Mr. Bond

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 45

How did everyone like the snow last Friday? Just a little too early don’t you think.

This is certainly a historic week. Our presidential election happened and as I write this we are waiting for the final counts. Contentious for sure. My sincere hope is that ALL the votes will be counted and we can move forward together.

Speaking of moving forward, Monty will be heading up to Mohawk Pond in Goshen this Saturday to do the Altitude Diver specialty class with one of our public safety teams. Mohawk Pond is above 1000 feet (1181 ft). I will be sure to provide you with an update from their adventure to Litchfield County.

I thought I’d continue on with the movie theme and was looking to see if there were any new scuba related movies out there. I didn’t really find anything. As I was looking I came across a movie (haven’t watched it yet – maybe this weekend) called The Odyssey – a French film on the life of Jacques Cousteau. You can view it on YouTube. It is about 2 hours – so plan accordingly. Anyone seen it – came out in 2018.

We are all saddened by the loss of Sean Connery. The joke around the Nassau trip was always the rumor that Mr. Connery would be at Cafe Matisse or that he was spotted there just prior to our arrival. Monty also tells the story of when he met him at Compass Point. Whenever we had the chance to dive the Bond Wrecks we would always have stories about 007. Good by Mr. Bond.

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