Aluminum alloy (6351) tank service advisory

Do you own tanks manufactured by Luxfer, US Divers, or Walter Kidde before 1988? It is time to consider replacing them. These tanks were made with 6351 Alloy Aluminum, which is susceptible to sustained load cracking (SLC), a weakness occurring with age that can potentially lead to catastrophic failures.

In recent months these tanks have been failing Visual Eddy testing at a increased rate than in the past. Due to the marked increase in the failure rates we are phasing out service on tanks manufactured with 6351 Aluminum.

Effective January 1, 2019, Scuba Shack will no longer fill or service 6351 Aluminum tanks due to the potential safety issues. Be aware that these used tanks often end up for sale online, know before you buy.

Wondering if your old tank is part of this service advisory? Bring your tank to Scuba Shack and we’ll let you know.