An abundance of training, new trailer(?), and Greenland ice melt

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 34

It is hard to believe that very soon it will be back to school here in Connecticut. That means that all things pumpkin spice will be emerging as will the Octoberfest brews. For us, there is still a lot of the dive season to go.

Our latest open water class finished up at the pool on Sunday. Ron guided our four upcoming divers through their paces and they along with our class from earlier this month will be heading to Fort Wetherill next weekend to complete their certification dives.  September will be another full month of training with two open water classes, a trip to Dutch Springs where we are planning an Advanced Open Water class and the Wreck Diver class. We round out the month with Rescue, EFR, and more open water dives in Jamestown.

If you’ve been by the shop lately you might have noticed a for sale sign on the trailer. Monty is looking to upgrade the fleet to a double axle trailer with greater capacity to serve our diving activities. The trailer is a fantastic complement to our vans. Diving is a gear-intensive sport!

NASA has been tracking the melting ice in Greenland and the news is not good. Scientists are trying to determine if warmer water or the warmer air temperatures are contributing. Warmer water means faster ice melt. Greenland has enough ice to make the world sea level rise 20 feet if it were all to melt. That’s a little frightening. Here is a link to an article that also appeared in our local newspaper this weekend that discusses what is going on in Greenland with the ice. I am not sure how much longer people can deny global warming and climate change.

Episode 12 of Scuba Shack Radio is now posted.

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