Another great Dutch Springs weekend

Scuba Shack was back at Dutch Springs this past weekend (Aug 17, 18 and 19) with three jammed pack days of diving. The water was a little higher than normal given all the rain happening in the Northeast this summer. While the algae kept visibility down a bit, the hot summer has warmed Dutch to a balmy 70+ all the way to the platforms. The pit of misery however is still in the upper 40s – perfect for the deep dive.

First up was setting up base camp on Friday, followed by a check out dive with Marla prior to the Instructor Exam. Matt and Marla successfully completed the PADI Instructor Exam on Saturday and Sunday. They are now proud Open Water Scuba Instructors for Scuba Shack. Congratulations Matt and Marla!

Keith and Mike successfully completed their Advanced Open Water certification with Jeff. We did the buoyancy, navigation, and wreck dive on Saturday, followed by the deep dive along with the search and recovery dive on Sunday. Congratulations Keith and Mike!

Jill and Chris from Scuba Shack staff ran a fantastic drive and dive taking DJ, Marion, and Mike on five different dives exploring various attractions at Dutch Springs.

We had a really nice dinner at Copperhead Grill on Saturday night with some great dive stories and other fish tales.

The plan is for at least one more trip to Dutch Springs the weekend of Sept. 28 – 30. The visibility will be really great that time of year and temperatures will still be comfortable.

See you there.

Photos from the weekend