Bonaire, blobfish, our poll and the 2019 review video

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 3

Wow! Did everyone enjoy the warm weather last weekend? Wasn’t that amazing? We had the garage door open and it felt like spring in the repair shop. It’s still winter but spring is right around the corner.

The shop was quite busy on Saturday and we had a lot of great discussion with folks about learning to dive, going on trips and what gear they might need to further their diving adventures. We are also getting ready for our January practice pool session and first open water course of the year led by Ron and assisted by Peter.

Want to learn more about Bonaire? Scuba Diving Magazine has a great video and description of why Bonaire is one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean.

Is the blobfish really the world’s ugliest animal? You can read more about it from Madeline Black on the Ocean Conservancy blog.

The results of the poll are in from our Scuba Shack Radio poll asking if you’d rather see a clownfish or a shark underwater. It was neck and neck for the most of the polling period. After all that it was a dead heat – the clownfish and shark tied with 10 votes each. Thanks to all who voted. We will be conducting more poll in coming weeks. Keep an eye out on Scuba Shack Radio’s Facebook page. Please like us!

And here for your viewing pleasure is our year in review video. Enjoy!

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