Closed for DEMA, the River Interceptor, Underwater find in New Zealand

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 45

Hope everyone is now adjusted to the time change. The good news is that if you are inclined to doing a night dive, you can get in the water a lot earlier this time of year. Put your dry suit to good use.

Our last open water class of the season is all set for this week. Jill and Monty were in over this past weekend getting ready and our students are now all outfitted with their gear. We will be headed to DEMA next week and the shop will be closed on Tuesday, Nov. 12 through Saturday, Nov. 16. We will be open again on Monday November 18.

There was an article in this past Sunday’s Hartford Courant on the River Interceptor that has been developed by Boyan Slat – the same Dutch inventor working on the Ocean Cleanup project out in the Pacific. Here is more information on the River Interceptor. More than 80 percent of the plastic entering the ocean comes from rivers. Stopping the plastic in the river is a very cool idea. Let’s close the tap.

I came across an interesting article from New Zealand. The Waikawa Dive Center in Picton, NZ was doing a Trash to Treasure competition and someone found a Canon camera that had been lost about eight years ago. Remarkably the photos were saved. They hope to reunite the camera with the owner. You just never know what the ocean will deliver.

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