Congratulations to Scuba Shack’s Newest Rescue Divers

Six students completed Scuba Shack’s Emergency Response Core. The course, cooperatively taught by Scuba Shack Instructors Mike Cousins, Nick Kalosky, and Monty Fitzpatrick, covered topics including CPR, First Aid, AED, Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries, and Dive Rescue techniques. Comprised of a combination of courses designed by the diving community’s premier training agencies-PADI, DAN, and EFR– the training bought the students to a whole new level in their diving careers and prepares them for the next step…Scuba Shack’s Divemaster program, set to begin in January.

The graduates: (clockwise from top-left) Gary Kalosky, Brad Swain, Denis Finnegan, Mary Beth Collins, Sheri Sawallich
Not pictured- Charles Collins

Scuba Shack Instructor Mike Cousins demonstrates bleeding management techniques to Brad as Charles looks on.

Scuba Shack Instructor Monty Fitzpatrick evaluates Mary Beth on her CPR positioning.

Denis Finnegan throws a line to a diver in distress…

Nice throw!!

Gary takes control of a panicked diver- Scuba Shack DM Mark Dobler

Sheri responds to a diver emergency

Scuba Shack Instructor Nick Kalosky demonstrates managing an unreponsive diver at the surface

Scuba Shack rescue training courses are offered numerous times throughout the year. For more information check out our training page or contact us.

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