Coral reefs at risk, cruise ship pollution problem, 4Ocean in Guatemala

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 9

Happy Leap Year everyone. Just reminding you that we get an extra day this February. Just curious – how do you count your age if you were born on Feb. 29?

As for activities here at the shop. Phil and Alex finished up an Open Water class over the weekend and on Tuesday night we had a large dry suit pool session as part of a dry suit certification class for a local public safety team. Our PADI Emergency Oxygen Provide class is all set for Saturday, Feb. 29. Monty, Mike and Ned have been working non-stop on the repair and service side. Great to see everyone getting their gear ready for the dive season.

I saw a short article on Science on a Sphere from NOAA about coral reef risk outlook. Frightening. According to the report, 90 percent of coral reefs will be threatened by 2050. That is not that far off. You can download the whole report from the website.

Seems like Carnival Cruise Line has been fined again for environmental violations. Their CEO says he is sorry. You be the judge if he gets it. Here is a link to an NPR report.

For some good news – take a look at what 4Ocean is doing in Guatemala. I feel like they are really trying to make a difference.


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