Coral Restoration Foundation Year-in-Review and more

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 52

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone from Scuba Shack. Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Last week we got in our latest edition of Scuba Diver Destinations Magazine – Issue #4. It is packed some great stories. There is a great article on diving the caves in Florida. The cover features Grand Cayman – one of my favorite spots featuring Sunset House. We have limited copies at the shop. Stop by and pick one up.

Also last week I attended the Coral Restoration Foundations Year-in-Review webinar. Alex Neufeld who is the Special Projects Coordinator at CRF filled us in on all the incredible progress that was made with coral restoration in 2020 despite all the challenges with the pandemic. With 26K coral out plantings on 12 reef sites, progress is being made. Congratulations to CRF for a very successful year. We are standing by to see what is in store for 2021.

I just saw that in early December, they spotted several right whale calves swimming off Cumberland Island, Georgia and Vilano Beach, Florida. This is encouraging. Hopefully, these new calves will survive. The biggest threat today is ship strikes (remember last year) and entanglement.

Finally, I recorded the last episode of Scuba Shack Radio for 2020. Take a listen. Getting ready for more episodes in 2021. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays everyone,

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Bonus Video

Santa in the Florida Keys. Video shot by our old friend Frazier Nivens.