Core Principles

During Scuba Shack’s Core Principles program – formally Buoyancy & Control – you’ll practice the fine art of dive control with our dive professionals and review the theory and equipment configuration that provide the foundation to make you more comfortable in the water and a better diver.

Scuba Shack’s Core Principles programs are our most popular class, not only attracting divers from central Connecticut, but also students from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Pennsylvania.

Core Principles is broken into two, independent courses. Core Principles 1 and Core Principles 2.

Core Principles 1

The six-week class based on understanding and mastering the foundation components of diving. The class objective is to enable the divers to gain control of themselves in the water. This is done by giving the student divers answers, skills, and drills within the the following subject areas: pre-dive, equipment, buoyancy, propulsion and body position. If a diver can control these subjects while in the water, they will be on their way to a much more enjoyable diving experience.

Core Principles 2

The six-week class continues on the foundation mastered in Core Principles 1, leading to a more rounded understanding and implementation of the fundamental components of diving. The class objective is to enable divers to better maneuver though out the water column including ascents, descents, backing up, and completing regulator, valve and mast drills while staying controlled underwater. The program continues to enforce the foundational components learned in the first course, while being the last step in preparation for the GUE Fundamentals course.

All confined water sessions are video taped and reviewed during classroom training. Video is our best training aid – and fantastic personal feedback – to ensure you meet your goals.

What will I need?
For both programs, Scuba shack provides tanks and weight. We have limited rental gear (wings and regulators) available so the class size is limited. You’ll need mask, snorkel, fins, boots and a wetsuit. Of course, you can also use your own gear. A medical statement and releases are required.

What will my commitment be?
For each program: Six nights, one night per week. Includes five pool sessions. (Twelve weeks and five pool sessions for both classes.)

What results should I expect?
More comfort, confidence and competence in regards to your diving.

Class Fee
Call Scuba Shack for pricing. Group rates available.

What’s Next?