Dive planning involves much more than picking a dive site and a date. This non-certification course is offered to help all of our divers with proper dive planning and gas calculating, to help eliminate problems, avoid mistakes, reduce stress, and make for a safer more enjoyable diving experience.

Created and developed by the staff at Scuba Shack this one session course will cover pre-dive preparation, proper equipment maintenance and selection, emergency planning, gas choices and calculations and much more! a must for every certified diver! This program fills a void which is rarely discussed in other training programs

What will I need?
No materials are needed.

What will my commitment be?
The course consists three hours of academic training in one evening.

What results should I expect?
After the course, you’ll be more comfortable during your pre-dive planning activities. Through proper pre-dive planning, you’ll be more comfortable and safer during your dive

Class fee
Free, but we usually collect a small donation towards dinner and drinks which is ordered in.