Enriched Air Nitrox

Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox become popular in the late 1990s and continues to be the most popular diver specialty class. Scuba Shack has been mixing and diving Enriched Air for years and strongly suggest diving Nitrox. The course does not require a certification dive, as it is primarily an academic program with practical, hands-on training using the equipment you test the gas with.

Advantages to diving Enriched Air Nitrox

You’ll feel better during and after the dive. Nitrogen is not used by our body, and as we spend time underwater, excess Nitrogen builds up. Our body needs to work hard to remove the excess Nitrogen from our system. By reducing the percentage of Nitrogen and increasing the percentage of Oxygen, you’ll exert less effort during the dive, and your body will not have to work as hard after the dive to remove the excess Nitrogen. You will not be as tired after the dives. Depending on the type of diving you are doing, you can also have longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals and longer repetitive dive times. You may also reduce the chances of getting decompression sickness, “the bends.”

Why Nitrox?

An analogy for you… A vehicle engine needs to be tuned depending on the altitude it is running. Modern vehicles have computers making constant adjustments to ensure engines run well at various altitudes. Unlike a car engine, the human body struggles to run properly at depth since we can not easily adjust, therefore we change the gas we breathe. As you read this page, you’re breathing about 21 percent Oxygen and 79 percent Nitrogen. Enriched Air Nitrox changes those percentages. The most popular gas “mix” for recreational divers is 32 percent Oxygen and 68 percent Nitrogen.

How do I get started?


Prior to the class you’ll complete the online home study program. During the home study session, you’ll review the concepts of diving with enriched air and take a short exam to show your mastery of the material.

During the hands-on practical portion of the class, you’ll learn how to analyze cylinder contents. Scuba Shack has an analyzer on-site for use by students and all enriched air divers picking up fills. You’ll also review planning enriched air dives using dive tables and dive computers.

To take the class, you must be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or hold a qualifying certification from another organization.

What You Need
Complete medical statement, class materials and releases.

Your Commitment
One or two classroom sessions.

Results to Expect
More bottom time when diving between 60′ & 100′. Less Nitrogen build-up during dive vacations.

Class Fee
Call Scuba Shack for pricing. Group rates available.

Start this class right now.

What’s Next?