ReActivate Scuba Tune Up

If you already have your PADI Open Water Certification, but you have not been in the water for a few years and are planning to dive in the near future, you should enroll in PADI ReActivate – our scuba review program.

Whether you want a few reminders or need to go over the basics, Scuba Shack’s ReActivate is personalized for you:

  • ReActivate and review academic topics on your computer, mobile device or tablet. Get started now.
  • Meet with one of our PADI professionals for a brief academic review and to refresh your scuba skills in the pool. Once both are completed, you will receive an updated PADI ReActivate certification card.

Scuba Tune-Up

Did you get Open Water Certified with another agency? Then Scuba Tune-up is for you! Meet with one of our PADI professionals to refresh your scuba skills in the pool. Review gear assembly and breakdown and scuba skills, from Giant Stride to ladder exits and everything in between!

What will I need?
Divers provide their own scuba-quality mask, snorkel, fins and boots. We will supply tanks, weight, belt, BCD and regulator. If you already own your own gear, we strongly suggest you use it as long as it has been serviced recently.

You will need to complete a medical history questionnaire prior to the start of the course. It is available online to download. If you answer YES to any question, you will need to have your physician sign the form clearing you for diving activities before any in-water training.

Be ready for your next dive trip with reviewed and renewed knowledge and confidence!

For both PADI ReActivate and Scuba Tune-Up, contact Scuba Shack for pricing and availability.