Dive Against Debris, Boston Sea Rovers Clinic and more from CRF

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 43

Starting off this week’s blog with an update on our Dive Against Debris class. This was really a great class to teach and to conduct. We had a fantastic day at Fort Wetherill. It was a little chilly early, but the sun shone brightly, warmed things up and contributed to the nice visibility for conducting the survey. Our team of five divers – Irek, George, Bill, Matt and me – covered a significant part of the cove and the good news is we only pulled out three pounds of marine debris. Scuba Shack has now earned the “I Dive Against Debris” badge on the Project AWARE website. Thanks to all of our new Dive Against Debris divers.

Deb and Sarah stopped by last Saturday. They are just back from Bonaire where they spent the last 8 months. It was good to see them and hear about their diving. Deb said she only got in about 100 dives while they were down there. Sounds like it was pretty awesome.

In case you haven’t heard, the Boston Sea Rovers Clinic for 2021 is moving from the traditional March timeframe to early October 2021. October in New England is a great time to visit the Boston area and a great way to end the dive season. Although with weather like we are having and a dry suit, we could be extending longer. Keep the first weekend in October 2021 free – unless of course you are coming to the Philippines with us.

Finally, here is another update from the Coral Restoration Foundation on saving club-tip finger coral and more.

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