Dive Medicine Conference at Danbury Hospital

danbury-dive-medicine-conferenceScuba Shack participated at Danbury Hospital’s Diving Medicine Conference on Saturday, April 5. The morning program included a variety of faculty speakers including Fabian Cousteau, Craig Jenni, Christoper Logue, M.D., David Charash, D.O. and David Kenyon.

The target audience for the presentations included recreational and technical divers and public safety divers. Scuba Shack works with both groups of divers.

From an announcement about the conference.

Fabian Cousteau, a third generation ocean explorer and filmmaker, will be appearing in person as the keynote speaker at the Fourth Annual Danbury Hospital Dive Medicine Conference on Saturday, April 5, 2014. …

Fabian Cousteau will be speaking about Saturation Diving and the upcoming Mission 31. Mission 31 will be located at the Aquarius Reef Base, a seafloor habitat located roughly 63 feet (20 meters) underwater in the Florida Keys. Cousteau and a team of scientists and filmmakers will live aboard Aquarius for 31 days, testing new technologies and conducting research on the effects of climate change on corals, sponges and other sea life.

Cousteau’s Mission 31 will surpass his grandfather’s famous 30-day stay aboard the Continental Ice Shelf Station Two (Conshelf Two) in 1963. During that underwater mission, Jacques Cousteau experimented with living in a habitat located 30 feet (10 m) beneath the Red Sea, off the coast of Sudan.

This was the fourth annual conference, and Danbury Hospital plans on holding similar events in the future.