Diversity in Diving – a Pro’s View

Many people ask Scuba Shack divemasters, assistant instructors and instructors what it’s like to be a diving professional. Often, you might think of us spending hours and hours training new divers in the pool, but remember, we’re also taking part in different activities throughout the year that do not involve diving in a pool.

Almost two or three weekends a month, Scuba Shack is working with new divers and taking them for their first open water dives in Jamestown, R.I. or at the quarry in Portland.

Of course – there are many opportunities for our diving professionals to teach continuing education programs. One of the courses that is really fun is the Rescue Diver Program – you’ll work hard and learn a lot, but have fun at the same time!

Many of our diving professionals get involved with aspects of the sport that are a bit different. You may have never even thought of diving with a scooter underwater, but it’s a great way to cover some distance and relax when you’re underwater. You can see more big stuff and have easy access to diving spots you would not normally visit since it may be too long of a swim.

For those interested in scooters, Scuba Shack recently sponsored a “Try a Scooter” day at Brownstone Park.

Any way you look at it, there is plenty of diversity in diving!

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