Diving India, Training and another scuba-related podcast

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 1, Number 5

I am writing this week from India. Business has taken me half-way-around the world and scuba diving is alive and well here. Dive India is actually pretty close to where I am working.

Even though I am out of town technology allows me to stay very connected to all that is going on at Scuba Shack. Facetime, email, text, and Facebook keep me up to date and connected. October is proving to be a very busy month for us. Matt and Marla just completed an Advance and Navigation course at Dutch Springs. Our Open Water class is half way through and now it is on to Rescue class. Monty and Chris are in full swing with the Public Safety Division with ongoing training for three dive teams in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We are also finalizing some plans for a November Open Water course that will be a little different. Keep checking us out or give a call.

Last week Monty and I attended the Boston Sea Rovers monthly meeting. Scuba Shack will be doing a lot at the 65th Annual Show in March 2019. Get the dive season off right and plan on attending or helping us out.

In my quest to find scuba diving podcasts, I came across another one that proves to be quite entertaining (at least I find it that way). It is called The Great Dive Podcast – TGDP as they like to call themselves. The podcast is hosted by James Mott, a Unified Team Diving International instructor, and Brandon Schwartz whose background includes being a DAN instructor as well as a former GUE instructor. They are passionate and as I said entertaining – maybe even a little irreverent. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Our 2019 travel schedule is rounding out. Cozumel in February, Nassau in May, and Little Cayman in October. Cozumel is on the website and we are finalizing all the details for Nassau and Little Cayman and should have those available soon.

As a former mayor of NYC used to say “How my doing?” Let me know.

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The Great Dive Podcast

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