Drive and Dive Stop #3: Cape Anne Divers

The Scuba Shack Drive and Dive Tour of the Northeast continued on July 22 with a boat dive with Cape Anne Divers out of Gloucester, MA.

Four Scuba Shack divers (Jeff, Donna, and Matt Cinciripino & Denis Finnegan) took Cape Ann Diver I (the small boat) to two dive sites south of Gloucester.

The first site was Kettle Island. The dive reached a max depth of 42 feet. Lobsters, crabs, flounder and stripe bass greeted the divers as they made their way around the rock outcroppings.

The second dive moved to Saddle Rock. Here the dive reached about 30 feet. If you could image even more lobsters, with black sea bass, a sea robbin, sculpin, crab and skate.

The diving was exceptional with water temperatures averaging 60 degrees and visability in the 10 to 20 foot range.







Next stop, Dutch Springs on August 11-12. Call the shop now to sign up!!!

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