Drive & Drive Report: 1000 Islands Region

This past weekend some of the Scuba Shack staff took a short Drive & Dive trip to Canada. We went up to the 1000 Islands Region on the St. Lawrence River. We stayed at a great resort named Caigers which is right on the water and Jeff at the Rockport Dive Center took care of our charters as well as gas fills.

We did two full days of diving under almost cloudless skies, we logged four wreck dives and 220 minutes of bottom time at an average depth of 65 ft. It was great to just relax with friends and do some diving.

Scuba Shack will be running more of these trips next year and I encourage all of our advanced divers to join us.

The four wrecks we dove were…

Vickery – Ship Type: Wooden
Lifespan: Built 1861, Sunk 1889
Length: 136ft
Depths: 60ft – 115ft

Kinghorn – Ship Type: Wooden & Steel
Lifespan: Built 1871, Sunk 1897
Length: 133ft
Depths: 88ft

Keystorm – Ship Type: Steel
Lifespan: Built 1909, Sunk 1912
Length: 256ft
Depths: 25ft – 103ft

America – Ship Type: Steel
Lifespan: Built?, Sunk 1932
Length: 90ft
Depths: 60ft – 74ft

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