Dry suit seminar success, the robins have flown the coop, Historical Diving Society

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 23

Welcome to June 2020 everyone. Now that the barbershops and hair salons are reopened I just may have to get a haircut. It’s been a while. I feel like I am back in the 70’s. Someone told me the other day that it was a very hairy decade.

Last Thursday night, Monty hosted a seminar with DUI and OMS about everything you wanted to know about dry suits. The interest and turnout was fantastic with over 80 participants from around the world joining us. Pete and Tor from DUI/OMS did a fantastic job in discussing all the different options for diving dry. We have placed a recording of the seminar on Scuba Shack TV. You know with travel to warm weather destinations being a little tricky, becoming a dry suit diver will open up a lot more of the New England dive season and locations.

Also on Thursday, our three baby robins left the nest and are gone. We saw one of them on the curb by the van and he quickly flew up into the tree. When Matt went to check out the nest they were all gone. They grow up so fast, seems like only yesterday they were newborns. Well it was just over two weeks ago.

If you have a deep passion for diving history, I encourage you to take a look at The Historical Diving Society. If you become a member, you’ll get the Journal of Diving History four times each year. This journal is packed with really interesting material. You can check out the giants of the industry who are part of this organization.

Finally, here is the latest episode of The Fish and Things I’ve Found Underwater – the banded butterfly fish.

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Dry Suit Seminar

Fish & Things #9

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