Dutch Springs recap & Forth Wetherill this weekend

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 39

As we close in on the end of September, the weather has been really cooperating as we continue our abbreviated dive season. It has been dry and we could use some rain here in Connecticut.

We had an absolutely amazing trip to Dutch Springs last weekend. Congratulations to Chris on becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver. Cliff got to dive his brand new DUI dry suit, Matt and Scott got to do their first open water dives with Donna’s guidance and Bill, Zack and George took advantage of the great visibility. Monty and Mike scootered around the lake while I worked with Chris on his certification. We were fortunate to get to have two trips to Dutch this year and are already planning our excursions to PA next year.

We are back to Fort Wetherill this weekend for our open water certification dives. I saw that some divers spotted some tropical fish there last weekend. I think it was a butterfly fish. Don’t discount Fort Wetherill if you are looking to get in the water.

There was an interesting article in Dive News Wire from Dan Orr on the pending crisis with hyperbaric chambers and what can be done to address this problem.

Check out this story. The world’s oldest scuba diver is 100 years old. Amazing gentleman.

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