Dutch Springs trip, traveling to Rhode Island & Shark Week 2020

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 32

I trust that everyone made it safely through the tropical storm Isaias. I finally figured out how to pronounce it – let’s hope we don’t see Josephine in these parts. Also, to really make things strange, we’re watching hockey in August!

We are getting all set for our first trip this year to Dutch Springs next weekend. We have four advanced open water divers set to gain their certification and we expect to see some folks come down for the drive and dive. As of right now, we don’t have any restrictions in coming back from Pennsylvania – at least not yet. If you can make it down – we’ll be there starting Friday, Aug. 14 through Sunday, Aug. 16.

We were surprised by the quarantine order for travel to Rhode Island. So at first I was concerned about our open water dives later this month. However, the quarantine is only necessary if you spend more than 24 hours in the state. For us, we are usually only there six hours, so we will be able to come back to Connecticut without any issue. Doc. Fauci says Connecticut is in a good place. Let’s keep it up.

And – who’s ready for Shark Week 2020? This year’s main event – Mike Tyson vs. Jaws. As Mike says “Shark Week is hard.” Hard to believe it has been going on since 1988. Who was your favorite host? Shaq was pretty good.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for your continued support of Scuba Shack during this very unusual year. It makes our day, when you come by or reach out to us.

Thank you from all of us,

Donna, Matt, Monty and Jeff

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