Dutch Springs weekend trip, classes and Shark Week

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 33

This week finds us making our final preparations for the trip to Dutch Springs. It looks like we should have some pretty decent weather over the weekend. We are looking forward to diving. Also, I hope everyone is enjoying Shark Week!

We continue to leverage our virtual capabilities. We started in March with a virtual PADI Equipment Specialist class, then partnered with DUI/OMS to do a couple of seminars. We have since conducted several staff meetings, virtual Nitrox class and incorporated a virtual session into our open water course. As we look toward the future, we are in the process of clearing out some space on our warehouse side and setting up a more workable video production studio. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

I came across an article out of Florida the other day that emphasizes the importance of a dive flag. Turns out this had a good outcome although it could have been a problem. A woman was diving for lobster from a small boat and drifted about a half mile away. The people on the boat called 911 since they didn’t know where she was. They dispatched a helicopter and search crews. Fortunately, she surfaced, okay. If she was carrying a dive flag, the boat would have known where she was. This could have been a problem.

There was an interesting article in the Hartford Courant op ed section by Heather Takle that discusses why renewable energy is not getting a fair shake in Connecticut. You might find this article interesting.

Until next week. Thanks for tuning in,

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