Scuba Shack – eLearning with PADI

As an option to purchasing the PADI materials* at Scuba Shack, you can start your training right now for some classes. This option does not replace academic training sessions with your instructor, but offers you a cool new way to review the academic material and videos online, anywhere, at any time as long as you have an Internet connection.

To get started, first review Scuba Shack’s training philosophy, and then click here to get started right now. You can purchase an eLearning course, purchase an eLearning Gift Pass, or redeem an eLearning pass you received.

eLearning is the home study academic portion of a class. Academic sessions with your instructor, pool sessions, certifications dives and equipment – if applicable – are not included in the eLearning fees. For classes not yet on our schedule, please call us before your purchase.

Of course, you’ll want to meet your instructor and the staff at Scuba Shack. So once you get started – or if you have any questions at all – give us a call at (860) 563-0119 or stop by the store.