Scuba Shack Facility

With an eye to expanding education, repair, service and fulfillment, Scuba Shack now has a more extensive service area and a streamlined showroom. We have dedicated areas to Recreational Divers and Public Safety Teams.

In addition to a wide selection of gear, our showroom area also contains a classroom, dressing room, and Sunny, our official greeter and unofficial door chime!

Our Air Fill Station offers fills for SCUBA, SCBA, and many types of paintball and air rifle tanks. We are able to fill Ultra Pure, CGA E Air, Nitrox, and Trimix for properly certified divers.

Our Repair Station features full service for AGA and OTS full face masks, a wide variety of in house regulator repair, BCD service, as well as a dedicated tank and valve service are.

On the other side of our showroom is our fleet of BCDs, regulators, tanks, and wetsuits ready to fulfill your rental needs.

We’re quite pleased with our new setup that allows us to serve you and meet your service needs more quickly and efficiently.

Come visit us today!