Scuba Shack Facility

In the fall of 2006, Scuba Shack’s retail store was renovated to allow for our expanding business. Although our dive center has always been known to have an excellent selection of equipment, we worked with our suppliers to triple our in-stock inventory.

That’s right, we now stock about three-times the wet suits, masks, snorkels, fins, boots, regulators, BCDs and accessories making it easy for you to walk out of our store with what you want on your first visit.

I’m certain you’re asking where we put the extra inventory. That clearly would have been a problem, but since we increased the showroom space by 60 percent – it’s working out okay.

Rental Equipment and Gas – Air, Nitrox, Tri-Mix & Argon

We’ve gone ahead and made some improvements to our day to day service operations as well. We’ve moved all of our rental gear to the basement to make the best use of that space. Moving the gear allowed us to improve our showroom space and build a new classroom.

We stock plenty of gear for classes and our rental gear is quite frequently exactly what we sell so you can try before you buy.

More pictures are at the bottom of the page – check out the full gallery with more than 20 images from the dive center.

Service Center

Of course, Scuba Shack offers service for all of the equipment that we sell. We service all brands of tanks and valves and many brands of regulators, buoyancy control devices and dive computers.

Our service does not just include basic maintenance, regulators are tested on an enhanced test bench and all aluminum tank are not just visually checked, but professionally tested for neck cracks with a special system.

Scuba Shack is able to offer quick turn-around times when servicing regulators, tanks and BCDs simply because we service what we sell in-house, by trained staff. Our staff not only has has training certificates for US Divers, Apex, Sherwood and Halcyon gear – among many others – but also has hundreds of hours experience servicing these products.