Final Open Water dives, new divemaster, Cozumel Marine Park closure

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 40

Happy October everyone. The leaves are starting to change and the great New England fall weather is in high gear. 

Congratulations to our five newest Open Water Scuba Divers. Our weekend in Jamestown was outstanding. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Many thanks to our staff and students who made the trip to Fort Wetherill. We had a great dive season in Jamestown having completed five open water classes in Rhode Island. Hard to believe that wraps up 2019 for our open water certifications.

While working shore duty on Saturday at Fort Wetherill, I decided to do a little beach clean-up as the students were diving. I picked up 81 pieces of trash off the beach. Sad to say there is still a lot of trash still on the beach. Even worse when we got back on Saturday, it seems people left even more trash behind. What a pity.

Also, I would like to congratulate Mugar on completing his PADI Divemaster certification. Mugar is from Canada and started diving with us while on a six month assignment for work here in Connecticut. He also obtained his PADI Master Diver certification here at Scuba Shack. We are sure that we will be diving with Mugar in the future. He is definitely a part of the Scuba Shack family.

We know that many of our divers enjoy diving in Cozumel. Whenever Joel runs a trip down there the trip is a big hit. There are some challenges ongoing right now with the health of the reef – namely Stony Coral Tissue Loss. I talked about the outbreak in an earlier blog that is ongoing in Florida. There is no doubt that coral reefs are under a great deal of stress and we must do everything possible to protect what we divers love. Here is a link to the Dive News Wire article.

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