Free SK-8 Compass with Suunto Zoop or D4i Novo

Another great special offer from Suunto. Pick up either a Suunto Zoop Novo or a D4i Novo from Scuba Shack no later than Dec. 31, 2017 and get a SK-8 Compass for free!

Visit Scuba Shack this week for additional information and to get all the details!

Zoop Novo

The ZOOP Novo dive computer is wrist mounted making it very easy to read when you are in the water. It is a very reasonably priced dive computer that can be used in two modes – Air and Enriched Air Nitrox – and features a simple menu.

D4i Novo

The D4i Novo is the new version of the D4i available with soft, all-silicone color bands to improve your underwater style. The band is very comfortable on your wrist. In addition to a dedicated free dive mode, the Suunto D4i Nova features optional wireless air integration to monitor your tank pressure. The D4i can be used with Air or Enriched Air Nitrox between 21% and 50%. That’s correct… the D4i can be used for free diving or for diving air or Nitrox while on scuba.

SK-8 Compass

The SK-8 compass has been the standard, go-to navigation device sold by Scuba Shack for years! It’s proven to be accurate and very dependable. The SK-8 features an great tilt potential of +/- 30° degrees, making it easy to use and it’s also easy to read on the surface or underwater.