Greetings from Little Cayman – Turtle nesting, Earth & Sea Friendly initiative

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 43

Greetings from Little Cayman.  We are here! Twenty-five Scuba Shack divers have descended on the Little Cayman Beach Resort and we are having a blast. The 18 months of planning has really paid off.

We left the dive shop early Sunday morning for a quick ride down to JFK in New York for the 3.5 hour direct flight to Grand Cayman. I have to say that the new airport in Grand Cayman was a welcome surprise. The new immigration center, check in counters, security and waiting area are very nice and make the airport a lot more accommodating. We had a bit of an adventure getting from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman. We will tell you all about that in the trip report.

The Little Cayman Beach Resort as a steward of the natural resources of the islands has implemented their Earth and Seas Friendly initiative. This initiative focuses on reducing plastic waste by using compostable and recyclable containers, eliminating plastic straws, reducing chemical waste, reducing fresh water consumption and saving energy. They also participate in the Little Cayman Trust full moon cleanups. It is great to see all the great work being done at the resort.

Finally, the Oct. 22 edition of the Cayman Compass had an article that talked about 2019 being a record turtle-nesting season. That is fantastic news. Turtles are still under threat of poaching and lose of baby turtle due to artificial lighting, but the nesting increase is encouraging.

We still have a lot of diving to do down here in Little Cayman. We also have a lot of great diving lined up for 2020. Hope you will join us.

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