Halcyon introduces new products this summer

halcyon-eos-miniHalcyon recently announced a variety of new products and accessories for current products. We thought it would be a good idea to provide you a brief rundown.

EOS Mini and New Accessories

The EOS Mini has been a hit for the simple fact you can use the light in different situations. It’s modular, and you can use it as a stand-alone small, stylish package with more than two hours of full-power, and up to six hours of low-power run time. You now have an option to purchase an extended range battery, as well as a couple different tether systems.

The Halcyon EOS™ Mini represents a new generation of lighting, blending the performance and convenience of Halcyon Exploration lighting with the size and portability of recreational, hand-held lights. Recreational and technical divers alike will be impressed by the intense output of this convenient, easily adjustable light with hands-free operation. The EOS™ Mini provides an amazing amount of light in a small, stylish package.

We have a video introduction at the bottom of this page.


  • Nearly indestructible LED module in Delrin® housing with small form factor
  • Amazing intensity is 30% brighter than conventional EOS primary
  • Easily stored in a pocket or on a Halcyon harness
  • Ideal for travel due to light weight and long burn time
  • Innovative handle provides excellent portability with hands-free operation
  • Adjustable design can rapidly be customized to fit left or right hand, with or without gloves
  • Foldable handle protects LED and lens while in transport
  • May be fitted with an optional, fixed Goodman handle
  • Rear attachment point accommodates nearly any bolt snap or wrist lanyard
  • Removable, compact 2.6 amp-hour, sealed Li-ion rechargeable battery pack

halcyon-eos-mini-tetherExtended Range Battery – The 5.2ah extended range battery can be attached directly to the EOS Mini for about five hours of dive time or attached to the waist with the tether system.

Tether System – Two tether systems are available for those who prefer a traditional corded battery to carry the small or extended range battery on their back. The first option is a 90 degree bend for a more streamlined configuration, or you can go with the tether with a straight plug.

Light Stick – A simple cord retainer stick is a Delrin rod mounted on the belt to assist managing long hose routing when diving without a canister.

New RB80 O2 Sensor

Includes a fisher connector that enables communication with a Shearwater wrist-mounted controller. (Stop by the store for details on this product.)