Intro to DIR diving at Dutch Springs

Scuba Shack has a new opportunity to introduce divers to the Doing It Right (DIR) holistic approach to scuba diving. You have three opportunities to participate in the program – July 13, Aug. 10 or Sept. 14.

This introductory course includes three dives at Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. You’ll be outfitted with a Halcyon BCD and long-hose regulator configuration. The three dives will introduce you to trim and propulsion with a focus on the frog kick. Each dive is designed to promote basic confidence and competence with the equipment and control.

The three dive package including instruction, usage of a Halcyon BCD and long-hose regulator is $145 per person.

Participants are responsible for bringing all other scuba gear including:

  • Wetsuit or drysuit for exposure protection
  • Tanks
  • Dive computer
  • Compass
  • Mask, fins and boots

Rental packages are available, but you’ll need to make your rental reservation in advance.

You’ll also need to cover your admission fees to Dutch Springs ($45 per diver, per day), lodging and meals.

Contact us today at (860) 563-0119 to register for the program. Space will be limited.