Intro to DIR diving, Tropical fish moving north, Lionfish tournament

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 22

I hope that everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Our weather was really fantastic and we took a few days off from the shop to get caught up on things. It was a nice little break after a very busy winter and spring.

Our Nassau trip just wrapped up and we’ll be looking forward to a recap from Peter. Also, a couple of our divers just got back from the Cuba trip with our friends at Blue Green Expeditions. They said it was really a great trip and another open water class is starting this week being led by Ron and Lizzy.

Let’s take on summer.

I just finished up Episode 6 of Scuba Shack Radio. Hope you enjoy.

We’ve just finished up the details for a new training opportunity that we are calling Scuba Shack’s Introduction to DIR Diving at Dutch Springs. This training is designed to introduce divers to the Doing It Right (DIR) holistic approach to scuba diving. The course comprises three dives using a Halcyon BCD and long hose regulator configuration with a focus on trim and propulsion. We have three class dates set up for July 13, August 10 and September 14. Click here for additional details. If you are interested in this new training option, please give us a call.

I received an email update from Undercurrents with a short article about tropical fish moving north. Turns out that the tropical and sub-tropical fish are showing up in larger numbers off the coast of North Carolina. They found that the fish like the artificial reefs from derelict boats and old boxcars. It also is indicative of ocean warming. We could start to get more tropical fish in Jamestown. The question is will we be able to see them.

Did you know that Florida recently hosted what is billed as the largest lionfish tournament in the world? Read all about how they removed a grand total of 19,167 lionfish over a four-day period.

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