Introducing Scuba Shack Weekly

Volume 1, Number 1

There is no doubt that we live very busy lives and we use information we get online to help us sort things out. Sometimes we are looking for specific data, or a recommendation, or just perhaps a little bit of an escape from the realities of our busy life. As scuba divers we aren’t any different (well we are a little different) and very often look online for specific information, reviews, or just to fantasize about our next dive adventure. So, by introducing Scuba Shack Weekly I hope that I can fill a part of that thirst for information about diving, the places we go and the environment we dive in. 

First up is what is going on at the shop. This week we will be at the Hebron Harvest Fair. We will be out talking to people about the incredible experiences of scuba diving and offering special opportunities to try our Discover Scuba Diving this fall. If you are going to the fair be sure to stop by and say hello. We love talking diving. Nitrox class with Marla is happening on Saturday, Sept. 8, and our next Open Water class with Matt and Marla starts Sept. 13.

The latest edition of Alert Diver from Divers Alert Network arrived this week. This magazine is outstanding and is packed with so much great information. The publication alone is worth the price of your membership. Want to learn about Kona, Hawaii, basking sharks, commercial mixed-gas diving and so much more – check out Alert Diver – The Magazine for Divers Alert Network. A cover-to-cover must read. 

There is an interesting article in the July/August Dive Training on lionfish. I was always under the impression that the lionfish hunts had very little effect on controlling the devastation caused by this invasive species in the Caribbean and Atlantic but it turns out there may be some benefit. While I’ve never actually been on a lionfish hunt, it might be something to consider given it may be helping. Roatan is having its first Roatan International Lionfish Tournament on Saturday, Oct. 13 if you happen to be down that way.

Finally, feedback is a gift. I would love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or want to know a little more about Scuba Shack please contact us by email.