Just how old can a tropical reef fish be?

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 50

Well we made it through the rain and snow last Saturday. We have to remember that it is December after all and winter hasn’t officially started yet.

It is hard to believe that last year this time Donna and I were just finishing up a really great trip to the Philippines. We enjoyed it so much that we booked a Scuba Shack trip for September/October 2021. Last Thursday night we had a great information session on the trip and it was really fun to talk diving and look forward to the adventure. We will be having another update on Feb. 11 with Les Corkill from Atlantis Dive Resorts. Stay tuned.

Monty, Matt and I are currently working on servicing all of our fleet regulators for the 2021 dive season. We have 21 regulators to get rebuilt and tested. Right now we are more than halfway there. We will then shift over to getting all the tanks inspected and finish up with the buoyancy compensators. Our classes start up again in late January, so we will be ready to go.

How old can tropical reef fish get. Well according to an article on CNET that would be 81 years old. Apparently, this midnight snapper was found off the western coast of Australia. Pretty amazing that these guys can live that long. Check out the article.

Do sharks sneeze? What do you think? Here is a short article from the Ocean Conservancy blog that fills you in on this mystery.

Till next week – thanks for tuning in,

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