Little Cayman trip report with photos

More than twenty Scuba Shack divers met up very early on a Sunday morning and headed to JFK for their flight to Little Cayman for an incredible week of diving!

With the addition of a few more divers we picked up along the way, we numbered 25.

After a great Little Cayman Beach Resort breakfast the next morning, we were all ready to experience some fantastic diving. Divided between two boats, we set off on different adventures but our diving had many things in common – there were lots of little creatures to be seen! Once our Divemaster whipped out his magnifying glass and showed us what to look for, we found many deceptively colorful and mysterious creatures including a 1 1/2 inch long juvenile pipefish, and a half inch flamingo tongue nudibranch! Little critters were everywhere.

The water was warmer than expected – a very welcome 84-85 degrees!

With lots of dives on Bloody Bay Wall, we had amazing swim throughs & sheer walls and saw barrel sponges as big as a car.

Up top we had beautiful sunny weather with one windy afternoon – perfect for a hammock dive! And very dark skies are our last day of diving – heavy rain and flashes of lightning visible from down below created a “night dive” environment at 10 in the morning.

And the adventure didn’t stop there! Due to mechanical and weather-related delays, our trip home started with a boat trip to Cayman Brac, with most of our group arriving in Grand Cayman just in time for our flight home. An (unlucky?) few were treated to an extra night spent at Margaritaville on Seven Mile Beach, courtesy of Cayman Air.

The combination of incredible diving, great food (and even greater desserts!) and with THANKS to a very fun group, everyone had a truly spectacular week.

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