Memorial Day Nassau group trip report

May 20, 2009 was the kick-off date for the annual Scuba Shack Nassau trip. Nineteen intrepid divers accompanied Scuba Shack instructor, Peter Katz, on a fun filled weekend of diving, dining and partying. Although the weather was not as sparkling as last year, the group’s spirit never dampened.

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We were able to try new dive sites such as the BBC’s wreck, Blue Plunder. This year we did dive Hole in the Head and have the pictures to prove it.

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This trip was characterized by juvenile spotted drums, turtles and the ever present lionfish.

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One of our “regular” dive sites, the wreck of the Willaurie, became more interesting with the addition of skeletal remains left by a movie company.

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We were fortunate to have Vivian and Barry back as our crew.

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The Exuma trip was a bit of a trial for our group, but all survived and enjoyed it. All the fun was not limited to the water. We had a great meal at the Marley Resort and Spa surrounded by the memorabilia and music of legendary Bob Marley. I would have to say the “highlight” of the trip had to be the evening at Senor Frog’s. With Craig’s stirring karaoke and Bobby G’s leading the crowd in “YMCA”, the evening was a resounding hit.

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I am happy to report that the hardcore blackjack players did make a dent in the Casino’s bank, with most players leaving the table with more than they started. Roulette Red started out well, but may have been overdone with the Casino scoring numerous consecutive runs of Roulette Black! Sunday night was our barbecue and farewell party with the Stuart Cove dive staff at Orange Hill.

The Three J’s held court in Orange Hill’s bar and although I recall having an adult beverage or two, my bar bill seemed to indicate I treated the entire Island!

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The trip was a resounding success do to a great group of people who really know how to have a good time!

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