Nautilus Lifeline User Alert

Earlier this week, Scuba Shack was informed of a user alert concerning Nautilus Lifeline VHF marine radios with GPS locators. A very small number of the radios may have a power issue resulting in the unit powering down after the user tried to transmit a voice signal using the radio.

Scuba Shack customers will be contacted directly early this coming week. The following is the notice from Nautilus Lifeline.

USER ALERT: May 23, 2012.
Nautilus Lifeline VHF marine radio may power off when green or orange buttons are depressed. Users should be aware that several Lifelines have been returned under warranty after the units inadvertently powered off when the user tried to transmit a voice call on a marine VHF frequency by depressing either the orange or green button. The problem is intermittent and has been reported on 3 units out of 7000 Lifelines sold and delivered.

The problem has been traced to damage during assembly to the insulation on a wire on the power control module on the lithium ion battery. Owners of Lifelines are urged to test their units by pointing the unit at a piece of metal ie. cookie sheet, fire extinguisher, stove or fridge – with the antenna 1 cm – 1/2 inch away from the metal surface and pressing the green transmit button for 3 seconds. IF your unit powers off when the button is depressed (ie. LCD screen goes blank), please contact Lifeline tech support at 001-604-241-1918 or and we will arrange for repair or replacement of your unit.

On previous user alert regarding operation of the Nautilus Lifeline GPS within 40 miles of either the equator or prime meridian. Glitch has been fixed and beta firmware testing is in process. We anticipate firmware update will be available for downloading on May 25, 2012 at

Safe diving,
Captain Mike and the team at Nautilus Lifeline.

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