New divers kick off the New England scuba season

Winter is finally over and its time to start enjoying the warmer weather and waters by jumping in (giant stride please)! Scuba Shack’s dive team is starting the summer off right by completing seven PADI Open Water Diver certifications and a Dry Suit class last weekend.

Spirits were high as our two instructors, Nick Civitillo and Joel Toohey, lead the open water divers through their exercises. The open water divers started by getting used to the new wetsuits and moving in the water correctly with just exposure protection and weight belts. From there everyone progressed to towing, navigation, and basic underwater skills such as mask clearing and regulator recovery. On the opposite side of the pier, Ed Hayes ran a Dry Suit class. He worked with the two new dry suit divers to get comfortable in the quarry waters and use the new equipment effectively

Happily, over the course of two days, all of the new divers progressed to fully certified (with only one snorkel lost to the depth of the quarry)!