New Rescue Divers, seismic survey danger, professional development website update

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 41

What a spectacular weekend. The clean and crisp New England air made for another great trip to Fort Wetherill.

Congratulations to our five new Rescue Divers – Bill, Peter, Zach, George and Craig. Saturday’s intense pool session set the stage for Sunday’s challenging open water exercises and scenarios. Great teamwork. We all enjoyed the course. It was fun and extremely rewarding.

Dive Against Debris is still set for Oct. 15 and Oct. 18. We continue to expand the offering of courses that allow us to dive local. This is also a certification that has special meaning to us as we strive to fulfill our mission of advocating for ocean health and sustainability.

This short article in Scientific American talks about the stress put on marine mammals from seismic surveys. It seems very cruel to knowingly (I think they know) create this dangerous situation for many whales. Should there be other options?

We have a new Professional Development section on our website. You can get more information on each of our professional courses with our scheduled start dates in 2021. If you have a desire to move into these ranks, please give us a call to discuss.


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