New Wet Notes & service center update

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 4, Number 13

Hope everyone is doing well as we close out March 2021, make our way into April, and applaud the vaccine rollout here in Connecticut. We are almost there!

March ended with just as much activity around the shop as when the month started. Hard to believe that just four weeks ago we were ice diving.

Ron sent us a picture of Lizzy doing some diving at Blue Heron Bridge (lucky Lizzy) down in Florida. Looks like she had a bit of an encounter with an arrow crab. I’ve never had the opportunity to dive at Blue Heron Bridge – perhaps someday.

The latest edition of Wet Notes from Scuba Shack Radio is on YouTube. If you missed the podcast, check out Wet Notes for March 28 here.

On Saturday Tom and Jay completed all the final set up for our new regulator testing capability. We now have a constant source of low-pressure air running to the testing bench as well as LP air hoses to all workstations around the shop. Monty and team have put together a very impressive scuba service shop. We can give you a tour on your next visit.

Our Divemaster class is proceeding nicely. We are just about half way through the knowledge development, have had our first pool session and are on track for all the remaining work. Bill, Dave, Jay and Zach are working hard.

Until next week – take care.


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