French Angelfish, Marine Life of the North Atlantic, Belize trip teaser

The French Angelfish, Marine Life of the North Atlantic, and a Belize trip teaser for February 2020.

Nassau, Bahamas scuba group trip report - May 2019

This year's annual Memorial Day dive trip to Nassau, Bahamas featured blue skies, comfortable trade winds, warm temperatures and great diving!

Great training weekend, Underwater Naturalist recap, Ocean Images

This past weekend was a spectacular weather weekend and a spectacular training weekend. Let me give you a quick recap.

A busy June, DIR intro sign up deadline, Alaska heating up

Thanks for spreading the word about our Open Water Diver courses! June brings great diving, the Bruins in the playoffs. Read about Alaska's warm winter.

Intro to DIR diving at Dutch Springs

Scuba Shack has a new opportunity to introduce divers to the DIR holistic approach to scuba diving. Three opportunities to participate - July 13, Aug. 10 or Sept. 14.

Intro to DIR diving, Tropical fish moving north, Lionfish tournament

We'll be featuring a new introduction to Doing it Right (DIR) diving at Dutch Springs this summer. Watch for a trip report from our Bahamas trip last week ... it was great!