Surface signaling devices, Plastic Bank & Pennsylvania trip

Do you have a surface signaling device? Safety is paramount! Review and information on Plastic Bank and ourPennsylvania trip.

Back in the USA, XS Scuba Dive Light & Kodiak Queen

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 1, Number 4 I returned from…

Diving India, Training and another scuba-related podcast

Training and diving this fall, Scuba Shack at the 2019 Boston Sea Rovers Annual Show, and another scuba podcast!

Boston Sea Rovers Discover Scuba Registration

Interested in scuba diving? Register for the Discover Scuba program at the Boston Sea Rovers Annual Show on Saturday, March 1.

Spectrum full face mask, scuba training, and the "gear replacement" discussion

Quick review of the OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask, pool diving, and discussing when its time to replace your dive gear.

Oktoberfest, public safety diving, and Loksak

Summer may be behind us, but there is plenty of great diving still happening!