Altitude Diver, recyclable KN95 masks, 10 underrated aquatic horror movies

Check out the 10 great forgotten aquatic horror movies this weekend! Plus we found recyclable KN95 masks, and the Altitude Diver Specialty.

Dive Against Debris, Boston Sea Rovers Clinic and more from CRF

Our Dive Against Debris event at Fort Wetherill was a success, plus the Coral Restoration Foundation is saving the Club-Tip Finger Coral.

Pro development, History of Diving Museum, Captive whale ban in France

Our detailed schedule and syllabus for our 2021 Divemaster and Instructor programs is now available for review. Ready to apply?

New Rescue Divers, seismic survey danger, professional development website update

Five divers complete Rescue Diver training at Fort Wetherill, and don't forget Dive Against Debris is scheduled for Oct. 15 and Oct. 18.

New scuba divers & hyperbaric chamber access

Nine new divers completed their certification dives at Fort Wetherill last weekend. Plus DAN and UHMS look to solve hyperbaric chamber availability.

Dutch Springs recap & Forth Wetherill this weekend

We've got a few photos and a recap from our trip to Dutch Springs, plus we're heading to Fort Wetherill this weekend!