Palau bans harmful sunscreen, Connecticut wind power, update on injured right whale calf

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 5

Here we are the end of January and the days are getting longer and brighter. We still have a fair amount of winter to go but hopefully we will be turning the corner and soon enough it will be Spring.

We finished Open Water class this weekend. Our three divers will complete their certification dives in places that are a lot warmer then Connecticut including Belize, Hawaii, and Bonaire – Sweet!

The latest episode of Scuba Shack Radio is out where I talk a little bit about travel insurance, what is going on with wind power, and a link in our diving history between early spaceflight and the underwater world.

Palau bans sunscreens harmful to coral reefs. While we have seen bans in different areas, this article states that Palau is the first country to ban the harmful substance.

Did you know that Connecticut only has 5MW of wind capacity – that ranks us 40th in state rankings and we only have three wind turbines. That would only power about 1,300 homes. According to AWEA we have the potential to generate 1679 MW on land and 2143 MW offshore. Something to consider as part of our energy policy here in Connecticut.

Here is a short article on the injured right whale calf off the Georgia coast. They reached the calf and administered antibiotics but things don’t look good. Very sad indeed.

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