Philippines update and store hours in January & February

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 2, Number 50

Hello again from the Philippines and the Atlantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete. We made it out of Manila last Wednesday after the typhoon and spent three days in Puerto Galera before heading south to Dumaguete. The highlight of our trip to Puerto Galera was the all day trip to Verdi Island which is considered the center of the center of biodiversity. Wow what spectacular dives. The Atlantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete is fabulous and we are having some really terrific dives. More to come on Atlantis in a future edition of Scuba Shack Radio later this month.

Yesterday we did an all day excursion to Apo Island for a three-tank dive followed by a sunset cruise on the Atlantis Azores live-aboard. The cocktail hour featured a number of world renowned underwater photographers. We capped off our stay here with a whale shark snorkel excursion to the island of Cebu. Wow what diversity. Plenty to see both BIG and SMALL!

In addition to some really great diving we are having a great deal of fun with the folks on the trip from around the country. Diver are just some of the best people to hang around with and have fun. 

Now it is back to New England.

Don’t forget that we are going to be changing the shop hours in January and February. The shop will be closed on Mondays for the first two months of the year before we go back to our normal hours starting March 1.

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