Planning our training, Dutch Springs to open in July, the lionfish purr

Scuba Shack Weekly – Volume 3, Number 25

First off this week I want to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. Enjoy the great weather this weekend and have a great day.

It has now been just about a month since we were able to reopen the shop. I want to thank everyone who has stopped by and given us support and encouragement as we start to bounce back from the lockdown. I know this has been difficult on a lot of people.

On Saturday we welcomed all our dive professionals to the shop for a discussion on what we think it might be like to teach given the current situation with coronavirus. The weather was spectacular and we set up the tents in our parking lot. There was some great discussion and everyone is committed to getting back in the water and teaching – just as soon as we can get to a pool for basic training. We’ve got a good set of protocols to ensure we stay safe and still have fun. We are also hoping to get some of the advanced training organized where we don’t need a pool.

We did see that Dutch Springs is planning to open again in July although there is no date just yet. They will only be doing scuba this year and will be limiting the number of people. We will be looking to schedule a trip once we have a hard date on their reopening. You can get all the scoop on their website.

Last night I attended the REEF fishinar update on invasive lionfish. Did you know that lionfish purr? Well, they talked about some interesting work they did trying to see if lionfish respond to a call. Also, there was some great information on how they travel. Really – they have been tagging lionfish, and they believe there are now some predators – like nurse sharks going after the lionfish. I enjoyed the update.

Finally, this week’s episode of the Fish and Things I’ve Found Underwater features the stoplight parrotfish.

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