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Aqualung Rogue BCD

Aqualung Rogue BCD


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Part Number:BC1251003 Manufacturer: Aqua Lung Model: Rogue Size:

The Rogue BC strikes the perfect combination of personalization and minimal design utilizing Aqua  Lung's patent pending ModLock connectors. With a 35lb lift capacity, SureLock II weights, 2 folding pockets and stainless steel D-rings - this BC comes standard with all the bells and whistles you want without the fluff.


- Back inflation BC with 35 lbs lift capacity

- GripLock tank band with finger-saver feature

- A new 3 position bladder retraction system pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation keeping the unit streamlined

- Chest strap for personalized comfort

- SureLock II Weight System holds 10 lbs in each pocket


 - Trim pockets (3 lbs each)

- SMB pocket

- Weight Integrated Wastebands

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